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Singapore, August 2016 – With rising concerns from customers about their scalp condition, Black Hair Salon sourced for high quality treatments to meet their needs. Black Hair Salon believes in using the best quality products for customers to ensure satisfaction, thus we use renowned brands like Goldwell, Schrawzkopf and Pravana. This time, it’s no exception that we are bringing a full range of high quality scalp treatments.

The scalp treatments contains highly concentrated active ingredients of up to 18 types of essential oils such as Ground Clove, Grapefruit, Lavender and Scotch Pine. The aromatic essential oils bring you a spa-like experience right at Black Hair Salon. These intensive detoxifying scalp treatments are made in Italy with high quality raw ingredients of plant origin, and is free from SLS and SLES. The treatment is priced at $188. 

The ‘Italy Detox Scalp Treatment’ is specially formulated to cater to different customers’ scalp’s needs, and has 6 different types shown below: 

1Anti-Aging Regenerating Treatment: Revitalizing Shampoo: Makes the hair dense and energized, while being gentle to the scalp. Regenerating Treatment: Enhances and prolongs the vitality and the development of thin and weak hair.
2Hair Growth Supplement Hair Growth Supplement Shampoo: Cleanses gently, strengthens hair follicles by reinforcing and protecting the hair from growth inhibiting agents.  Hair Growth Treatment: Provides vital nourishment to the hair for hair growth Intensive Hair Growth Treatment: Stimulates and increases the activity of hair follicles by revitalizing and optimizing the activity and defensive ability of the hair cells. 
3Scalp Purifying Purifying Pre-Treatment: Helps to restore normal blood microcirculation within the scalp, enhancing the direct nourishment of hair follicles. The result is healthy, visibly strong hair. Purifying Shampoo: Helps scalp recover balance. The hair looks immediately strong, brighter and healthier. Purifying Post Treatment: The scalp quickly recovers its elasticity and the nourishment to the follicles is normalized, thus helping the hair to grow healthy and strong. Intense Purifying Treatment: Penetrates the scalp and promotes rapid elimination of the impurities caused by the normal biological activity of hair follicles
4Anti-Hair Loss (Normal Scalp) Energy Shampoo: Thin and fragile hair starts to grow regularly again, while recovering strength and shine. Energy Post Treatment: Excessive hair loss normalize rapidly. Thin and weak hair grow strong and full of life. Intensive Energy Treatment: Stimulates and improves the functions of roots. The powerful nourishing and toning action strengthens the natural activities of the follicle system, encouraging the growth of new hair and replacing those that have prematurely fallen out.
5Anti-Hair Loss (Oily Scalp) Intensive Energy Pre-Treatment: Improves the function of the scalp strengthens the roots, reduces and normalizes hair loss. The hair appears strong, full of life and stays clean longer. Energy Shampoo: The hair recovers strength and vitality and stays clean longer, bright and soft. Energy Post Treatment: The tendency of scalp to get greasy is reduced. The hair recovers strength and vitality staying clean longer.  Intensive Energy Treatment Excessive hair loss gets reduced. Thin and weak hair starts to grow back strong and full of life. Hair and scalp stay naturally clean.
6Anti-Dandruff Normalizing Anti-Dandruff Pre-Treatment: The scalp no longer peels off, is healthy and perfectly clean. The hair looks vital and full of tone. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: The hair looks voluminous, soft and shiny and the scalp is healthy. Anti-Dandruff Post-Treatment: The scalp is well-protected, moisturized and perfectly clean. The hair appears thick and revitalized. Intense Anti-Dandruff Treatment: The scalp is healthy and revitalized, any itch and peeling gets resolved rapidly and effectively.

Additionally, the scalp treatment is enhanced with the usage of our Professional Laser Hair Growth Machine using the high frequency comb, red-light micro current and cold laser. 

Step 1 : High frequency comb

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps generate new cells
  • Exfoliate pores
  • Effectively treats dandruff
  • Prevents itching scalp
  • Stops hair fall gradually
  • Helps keep hair growth constant

Step 2 : Red-light micro current

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Adjusts oil secretions
  • Accelerate blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrition to hair follicles
  • Results in improved hair quality

Step 3: Cold laser

  • Targets male and female balding pattern
  • Treats thinning hair
  • Treats damaged or broken hair
  • Promotes hair growth

Other Hair Services:

  • Basic hair cut: $30 for men | $35 for ladies (all hair lengths)
  • One tone colour: $68 for short hair to $168 for very long hair
  • Creative colours: $188 onwards (includes bleaching)
  • Korean perm: from $128 to $288
  • Volume Rebonding/Rebonding: from $158 to $258
  • Steambond: from $208 to $298
  • Kerasilk Keratin Treatment: from $228 for short hair to $368 for long hair 
  • Olaplex pre treatment $40, Olaplex full treatment, $100 (Suitable before bleaching hair/ for bleached hair)  
  • Korean 4 step treatment $190 for all hair lengths 

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